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Joy Nussen Timsit, LMFT 

EAGALA Mentor & Advanced Certified Equine Assisted Practitioner
EquineWorks Founder & C.E.O. 

Joy completed her undergraduate studies in 1984 at the University of California, Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. She completed her post graduate studies  in 1988, from California State University at Northridge with a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology. Joy has been licensed since 1991 to practice as a Marriage, Family & Child Psychotherapist in the state of California. She worked for many years with  adolescents in group home settings, both in Florida and California, and served as a licensed clinical case manager for 12 years in the behavioral health insurance industry. Joy has provided mental health services for individuals of varying ages and cultures struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma and addiction to substances.

Joy began her EAGALA journey in 2006 and adopted a horse in 2009, the same year she found EquineWorks: Horses Reading People. In 2012, inspired by the positive feedback she was receiving from clients about this work, Joy co-authored: “Soul Recovery: Equine Assisted Activities for Healing from Abuse by Others, Loss of Others & Loss of Self”. She earned her EAGALA Advanced Certification in 2014 and offers both EAGALA and non-EAGALA model services.

Joy maintains an office-based practice in Laguna Hills, CA where she specializes in trauma treatment. See more HERE.

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