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 Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)

An initial assessment will be completed at your first session, where we will review your paperwork. We ask that you download required paperwork from this page and complete prior to session. The initial assessment also includes establishing your treatment goals.

We offer services to:

INDIVIDUALS: child (minimum age 5), adolescent, adult
COUPLES: friends, significant others, married
FAMILIES: more than two participants

No horseback riding and horse experience not required with EAP.

Coordination of care:  We will work as an adjunct to and in cooperation with any other health professionals with whom you are in treatment.

Accepting Changes in Leadership

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)

These services are not accompanied by a treatment plan; they are geared instead towards achieving learning objectives identified among a group of participants.

No horseback riding and horse experience is not required with EAL.

Exploring Business-Building Obstacles

Appropriate for EAL:

  • support group for women seeking healthy relationships
  • military families effected by the stress of redeployment
  • chemically addicted
  • support for grief & loss
  • leadership skills training
  • start-up companies exploring choices for business management
  • those who have not yet found the words to begin the healing process in talk therapy
  • corporate team building experiences

EACH participant must complete and sign the following applicable forms prior to first session:


EAP_Child_Participation_Form (min. age 5 years old)

Informed Consent for EAP

EW Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment


EquineWorks offers EAGALA model and other model services. With all services, there is no horseback riding.

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