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EquineWorks is committed to coordination of care:  We will work in conjunction with any other mental health professional under whom you may also be seeking care.


EquineWorks is a mobile business. We offer equine assisted personal development services conducted by a mental health professional licensed in the state of California who is Advanced Certified by the Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Association.  Horses are not supplied by EquineWorks.

Additional services include the provision of supervision for mental health clinician interns, quality assurance of programming, and consultation. Many of our services can be conducted remotely utilizing web-based options.


#ItsMeTime: An Equine-Assisted Women’s Support Group

It’s time to take a break from responsibilities and tasks, it’s time to de-stress, it’s time for self-care, it’s time for needed play, it’s time for self-kindness, it’s time for enriching meaningful relationships. The horse herd teaches us about all!

This is a women’s only, revolving 10-week curriculum group that will meet weekly on Saturdays from 2-4pm at our Orange County location. Each Group session meets for 90 minutes.

#ItsMeTime 2018 Group Series Schedule:

*Mar 24 – June 2nd (do not meet 5/26) , June 9 – Aug 11,
*Aug 18 – Nov 3rd (
do not meet 9/1 and 10/6)

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Exploring Business-Building Obstacles

Examples of Equine Assisted Personal Development Group Sessions

support group for women and/or men seeking healthy relationships

military families effected by the stress of redeployment

chemically addicted

support for grief & loss

leadership skills training

start-up companies exploring choices for business management

those who have not yet found the words to begin the healing process in talk therapy


  • $150 per 50-minute individual, couple or family session and $50 per 90-minute group session.
  • Multi-week prepayment savings packages are available.
  • Cash, mobile payment service, check, and all major credit cards are accepted for payment.

 EAGALA-model services do not offer horseback riding and horse experience is not required.