“Our son had been diagnosed with clinical depression and had had unsuccessful experiences with six therapists in individual and group psychotherapy, with whom he openly had resisted.  Thanks to Ms Nussen’s unique strategies and her caring and compassionate demeanor,  our son opened up considerably more without pressure.  He did not resist therapy and he did share his feelings. Ms Nussen’s observations in his reactions and answers correlated with the horse reactions so that our son felt confident during the sessions.  My husband and I consider our experience with Ms Nussen to be a breakthrough for our son and we are deeply  grateful to her for her successful  professional service.”

~ V. C.

“I was able to open up in an environment that was relaxing and peaceful.  My comfort zone expanded and I was able to say more than usual.  I’ve learned a lot here to help me accomplish all of my goals.  I was able to take characteristics about the horses and connect them to my life.”

~ M. F.

“..Absolutely valuable.  It is allowing me to be around horses, which I’ve wanted to do my whole life, and work on myself at the same time.”

~ R.S.